Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Candlestick Redo

 Hey ya'll! It was another beautiful day here in Cullman, Alabama!

 I decided to take advantage of that and paint some candlesticks that I got from the thrift store.
The wind didn't agree with me so much and it left a nice overspray on my arms and face, but I managed to get it done :) 

I had been eyeballing the smallest white candlestick the last two times I went in this thrift store. I knew I could paint it, but I just couldn't make myself get it. Then, I found the larger white one and I literally ran to get the other one before anybody else decided they wanted it. :)

So, I spray painted the 2 white ones with Valspar spray paint in turquoise and then I spray painted the black one with Valspar in pink!

I just love our brightly colored yard now! ;)

After they dried I sprayed some Valspar High Gloss on them to make them more glossy.  

Here's what the cans look like.
They all came from Lowe's!

And here's my finished candle sticks!

I have three apothecary jars that I think will sit perfectly on top of them :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Have a great night!

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